Speaking at ESRI SWUG Next Week…


Just a quick note that I’ll be giving two talks next week at the ESRI South West Users Group (#SWUG09) meeting in Pueblo, Colorado. It will be nice to attend another conference that I don’t have to fly to!

I’ll be giving an updated talk on Usability as related to “GeoWeb” applications on Thursday  morning at 10:30am (Room “MR 4/5”). This will draw from some previous usability talks, but without the hard-core developer content, and more focus on the process of arriving at a usable application using ESRI technologies.

On Friday morning at 9:30am (also in room MR 4/5), I’ll be giving a talk for my usual accomplice, Brian Noyle (he got an elk tag, so he’ll be up in the mountains stalking large animals) that will also be about usability, but in the context of an emergency response application we built. I’ll go into the design decisions, the application architecture, and some of the complexities we ran into when building a highly configurable, high-security application that can consume remote map services. If you want to see how far you can push the ESRI Javascrip API, drop by.

Assuming the wireless is stable, we will also be streaming some of the sessions and hope to chat with people on GeoGeek.tv. At the very least, we’ll be recording my talks and hosting them somewhere.

I’ll also be tweeting about the various happenings using #SWUG09 as a hash tag, so you can follow along that way.

Hope to see you there!

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