FOSS4G: Fun and Games in Denver

I’m pretty excited about FOSS4G – the last “big” non-Esri geo event I made it to was (the now defunct) GeoWeb conference back in 2009, and it was a blast. Nothing like hanging out with a bunch of crazy smart people who believe that they can change the world with some creative / inspired code involving maps.

I expect FOSS4G to be similar – lots of great, creative ideas, lots of code and “how-to-make-this-rock-now” type sessions. And beer.

So, why am I going to a “dirty-hippy-give-it-all-away-GPL-forevah-yo” event? After all, building on the Esri platform is (and will continue to be) my bread and butter. The simple fact is that spatial has not been “special” for a long time now. Integration and scalability are key factors when designing systems and products – and this applies across all software markets. Esri has a great software stack, and even they are embracing the use of open source technologies. Python is an integral part of the ArcGIS ecosystem, and postgresql is the database in their cloud solution. At 10.1 there is PostGIS native access via Spatial Data Service. And then there is the whole GeoServices REST Specification (pdf).  So, from my place in the world, I want to get the skinny on this stuff, and FOSS4G is the place to be!

Sure, some of it’s pretty bleeding edge (I’m not likely to propose nodejs + couchdb to a state agency!) but that’s not the point. As a developer, in order to keep my edge, I need to continually challenge myself. I do this by learning new languages, tools and techniques. So maybe I don’t *implement* solutions on nodejs for my clients, but upping my javascript skills by using backbonejs on the server will certainly help with other solutions.

And who wouldn’t want to hear Schuyler Erle pontificate on ”Pivoting to Monetize Mobile Hyperlocal Social Gamification by Going Viral

Hope to see you there!

Of note: the Thursday night party is $99 on top of the $649 registration fee, but people tell me it’s gonna be totally awesome and @mattpriour will be there and that alone is worth the price of admission Winking smile

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