Ember Engines: Helper Not Found

Posted by DaveBouwman.com on October 4, 2016

Today I was doing some research using Ember 2.8 and Ember-Engines, and I ran into an issue that had me stumped for a few hours.

I had created a new ember engine addon as per the steps listed in the Ember-Engines README, and was consuming the engine in the Dummy app inside the addon. Pretty standard stuff.

Part of my research was to make sure that the internationalization system we use (ember-intl) worked with engines. So after getting some basic stuff working, I started to add some internationalization into a template served from my engine.

Ember intl uses a helper – `` – and as soon as I dropped this into the page, I started to get errors in the console.

Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: A helper named "t" could not be found

So - the first thing I did was drop a `` into the index template in the Dummy app itself - and that worked, which told me ember-intl was installed, and working as far as the Dummy app was concerned.

After stepping through a bunch of Ember core code, I was able to resolve the issue by simply moving the ember-intl entry from devDependencies to dependencies in package.json.

Ripple Effects

This got me past my first problem… but then I ran into my next issue. The Ember Intl service gets initialized in the application route of the host app. But