DevSummit Presentations

Posted by Dave Bouwman on March 27, 2012

Just a quick post about the presentations we (DTS) are giving at the 2012 Esri Developer Summit

Talking Tech: Presentation Zen for Everyone

1pm Wednesday, Mojave Learning Center (Dave Bouwman and Brian Noyle)

Let’s face it, most technical presentations leave a bit to be desired. Myself and Brian Noyle will talk about our journey from power-point hell to something better. We’ve got ~100 slides and 30 minutes, so join us for a fun session that will make your next presentation rock.

Zen peek2


Have a Little BackboneJS

4:30pm, Wednesday, Mojave Learning Center (Brian Noyle and Mike Juniper)

This fast paced talk will introduce the GIS community to the Backbone.js framework in the context of existing ESRI web technologies.  We’ll start with some MVC and HTML 5 love and explain the Backbone.js code structure and implementation pattern with a focus on maintainability and unit testing.  We’ll take a few ESRI examples from the JavaScript API and show developers how to implement them using Backbone.js. We’ll also look at a large and complex development initiative and illustrate how Backbone.js has made our lives easier.


Getting Real-Time Part -1: Node.js and

10:15am Thursday, Mesquite B (Dave Bouwman)

Some scenarios (i.e. zombie flash mobs) require the ability to keep all users view of the data in sync, in real-time, without requiring an update or page refresh. In this talk we will look at a simple demo application the DTSAgile team created to investigate real-time technologies. This Damage Assessment demo app uses real-time communication to allow users (desktop or mobile) to share real-time “state” as different types of assessments are completed. The idea being that when an “injury” is reported, appropriate medical teams can be dispatched to the location.

Node peek

In this part, we will show a simple node.js app that uses to send notifications between clients and the server, as well as sending the point locations to an ArcGIS Server feature service. Bring your notebook/iPhone/iPad/Android devices and let’s see how many sessions we can run on an AWS micro instance before we crash the wireless network, or overload the server!



Getting Real-Time Part -2: ASP.NET MVC and SignalR

11:00am Thursday, Mesquite B (Mike Juniper)

In this session, Mike Juniper will show how to implement the same Damage Assessment demo app, but this time, working on the Microsoft platform, using ASP.NET MVC and the fast evolving SignalR library.  Finish out the Dev Summit with a bang and go back home armed with ideas on how to easily add real-time capabilities to your existing apps.

Code: (coming soon!)