Hello there! I’m Dave, and yep, this is my blog. By day I’m the CTO of DTS (dtsgis.com) and I run the software development division of the company, better known as DTSAgile. This blog is focused on development topics – a lot of ASP.NET MVC, javascript and ArcGIS Server stuff, with a smattering of Rails, Hardware, PresentationZen and general tech geekery thrown in for good measure.

Relaxing at the top of North Cone (aka Mary Jane) in 2012

Relaxing at the top of North Cone (aka Mary Jane) in 2012

When not coding or presenting, I tend to spend my time on a snowboard or a mountain bike. Outside of that, I’m building Lego with my son. Hope you find some useful stuff here, and by all means drop me a line if you have questions.



One thought on “About

  1. pat gethin

    Hi Dave,

    Love your work. I am presenting next week on Enterprise LI for Ports and was wondering if you minded if I used a few of the images from your cool presentation ‘ notes from teh field’. I will acknowledge you as the source as well as give your blog a plug if you want. The preso will be at an esri event in Perth, Western Australia.

    cheers Pat


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