“Javascript Sanity” Presentation

Posted by Dave Bouwman on March 7, 2013

Last night,at the Fort Collins Esri Developer Meetup, I gave a talk about building sane, maintainable javascript apps. Thanks to everyone who came out – hope you enjoyed the talk despite it’s rather fast paced code review!

The screen-cast of the talk is below:


If you don’t use it already, I highly recommend jsfiddle as a sandbox for messing around with concepts / patterns / libraries. Here’s the stuff I showed in the talk, so you can take a look at it, play with the code, fork it and do other good things with it.

  • Backbone 101 - a simple “list” of items with click handlers
  • Marionette 101 – same simple list, changed to use Marionette.CollectionView & Region
  • Layer List – uses a Layout with two internal Regions to show two lists

Other Backbone & Marionette Resources:

 Since Marionette builds on Backbone, I’d recommend getting to know it first, then level-up to Marionette.